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Driving Cross Country Photo Gallery


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DCtoCO Playlist

I start the drive from DC to Colorado today (hopefully) and of course I need a good road trip mix (or about a dozen).  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. A cross country trip needs to be anchored … Continue reading

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Four things to do before leaving DC

When I decided to leave DC I sat down and made a short list of things I’ve never done in the city that I’ve wanted to.  It really is pretty short because lets face it, I’ve been here off and … Continue reading

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I love music videos and you have to admit certain bands just seem to consistently make good ones. When I was younger Foo Fighters, Chili Peppers, Outkast, Daft Punk and anything by Spike Jonze were always my favorite.  In recent … Continue reading

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Into Enemy Territory Aka NYC

Let me start off by saying that this super bowl was eerily similar to the 2007 super bowl and they were both heartbreaking.  This time around I was sitting on a couch at my Moms rather then at the game … Continue reading

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The Century Project

In the interests of expanding my cultural boundaries I’ve decided to undertake an (extremely) long-term plan I’m calling the Century Project. I’ve been looking over three top 100 lists (technically the album list is 500 but I’m just covering the … Continue reading

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Round the World Ticket or One Way Tickets?

It’s snowed 2ft in the last two days here in Colorado I took a two hour long hike through a nearby state park (where I saw the very cold looking ducks) and I thought a lot about whether or not … Continue reading

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