Round the World Ticket or One Way Tickets?

It’s snowed 2ft in the last two days here in Colorado

I took a two hour long hike through a nearby state park (where I saw the very cold looking ducks) and I thought a lot about whether or not I want to do a true round the world trip or if I want to do it in legs buying one-way tickets as a go.   I’ve made a preliminary pro’s and con’s list.

Pro’s RTW Ticket

Pro’s One Way Tickets

  • I like the romance of going in one direction until I end up in the same place
  • All total would be cheaper for the same amount of travel.
  • Once I buy the ticket it’s definite I’m going
  • I wouldn’t come back to the USA between any locations
  • More freedom, can make snap decisions
  • Step-Father works for American Airlines and I can stand-by for some flights out of the USA
  • Most travel books/blogs I’ve read recommend this style
  • I could come back to the USA between some locations

Con’s RTW Ticket

Cons’s One Way Tickets

  • You have to fix your itinerary ahead of time. Changing dates is expensive
  • It would be nice to visit the family
  • All total will probably more expensive

Right now I’m leaning towards winging it and going with the one way tickets.  More Freedom. What do you think?

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