Into Enemy Territory Aka NYC

Let me start off by saying that this super bowl was eerily similar to the 2007 super bowl and they were both heartbreaking.  This time around I was sitting on a couch at my Moms rather then at the game with Grampa and afterwards I was actually glad we hadn’t gotten tickets.  The New York fans in 2007 were unbearable.  So, as much as I hate all people from New York I decided to head up to NYC the week after the super bowl to watch the Millrose games and hang out with Frank.

I actually love NYC (and even some of the people), the kind of people watching you get to do there is unparallelled and there’s always something to do. Highlights of the trip were…

The Dumac and Cheese at Dumont in BK

Seeing a See lion do a back flip, throw a frisbee, do a high dive and shuffle to “party rock anthem” at the New York aquarium


Stumbling into the Cake Shop and watching the end of Palomar’s set and being pleasantly surprised.  They do sound like a Rilo Kiley if Jenny didn’t have as good of a voice. The Cake Shop is a cool little venue in the lower east side.



And the Millrose Games…  There were two races I really wanted to see, and they did not disappoint. In the 5k Bernard Lagat won, setting an indoors American Record.  Lawi Lalang gave him almost all he could handle and was rewarded with 2nd and the NCAA record, and Edward Cheserek (also a Kenyan but living in the USA) broke the high school national record, running mostly solo (Ben Bruce did a great job rabbiting the front of the pack then dropping back to rabbit Edward).

Then there was the featured event, the Wanamaker Mile.  I’m not going to lie, I was upset when I heard they were moving Millrose out of Madison Square Garden. Part of the reason was because of how cool the Wanamaker was at MSG.  As a freshman in college I ran at Millrose in the College Mile (later defunct) and got 2nd place, then sat down and watched the presentation and talent of the Wanamaker mile and was blown away.  The race at the Armory did not quite have the same feel but I was excited never the less.  Matthew Centrowitz, my coaches son who I’ve known since he was about 10 years old has been tearing up the world of USA track and field lately and was the favorite here in his first Mile as a pro runner.  He did not disappoint, making 3:53 high for a season opener look scarily easy.  He’s one of the smoothest runners I’ve ever seen and he timed it exactly right, putting the hurt on the field with about 300m to go.

Here’s the race if you want to watch the whole thing.

Overall a great trip.

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