I love music videos and you have to admit certain bands just seem to consistently make good ones. When I was younger Foo Fighters, Chili Peppers, Outkast, Daft Punk and anything by Spike Jonze were always my favorite.  In recent years  Lykki Li, The Antlers, Matt and Kim, LMFAO (with the exception of shots) and Temper Trap have all been making cool videos. The current overall champ though, has to be OK GO.  I saw their most recent for Needing/Getting a couple days ago and I just can’t stop watching it.

I love that they modified the song to go with the car instruments and also the  “It don’t get much dumber then trying to forget a girl when you love her” harmonizing part.

Here are some other cool videos they’ve done

Amazing.  I love Rune Goldberg Machines.  When I was little I used to try and make them, they never came out quite like this.

Pros- Lots of Dogs.   Cons- No Cats

I really think that the owe Dan Deacon some thanks for the last minute of the video.  It looks just like every DD show I’ve been to, which by the way, were all awesome.

Why? Because the Muppets are one of the greatest things ever

And finally, the video that kicked it all off

If I ever own a health club I’m definitely setting up the treadmills like this.

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