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Pictures of the trek

I’m back in Namche which means two more days till I fly back to Kathmandu via Lukla airport (don’t watch that mom). Thanks Cris for the video. Here are a few of the pics I’ve taken, posted up on FB. The … Continue reading

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Namaste from 11,286ft

So I made it to Namche Bazaar!  I’m sitting in an internet cafe using a computer so I’m going to be very brief.  I took the bus from Kathmandu to Jiri then started trekking.  It’s been seven days on the … Continue reading

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I am currently standing at a free internet console in the Bahrain Airport. I have a five hour layover which is unfortunately not long enough to go out and explore a little like I did yesterday during my ten hour … Continue reading

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I have great clients

Working as a trainer I’ve the great luck to work with fantastic clients.  At my last job I worked with some for over three years.  When I left MINT several gave me gift certificates to REI (they knew it was … Continue reading

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Going to Kathmandu!

Pulled the trigger and bought a one-way ticket to Kathmandu, going to start with trekking in Nepal and then go from there.  I leave March 13th, from Denver. Super amped, updates to come. ps. I actually don’t really like this … Continue reading

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Shoes or Feet?

As a trainer with a background in running one of the questions I get the most is “what’s your opinion on barefoot running?” My answer is generally “Whatever you enjoy more, whatever’s going to get you out the door and … Continue reading

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