I am currently standing at a free internet console in the Bahrain Airport. I have a five hour layover which is unfortunately not long enough to go out and explore a little like I did yesterday during my ten hour layover in London. Ah the joys of budget travel. It is enough time to have to find something to kill it with, hence this post.  The Bahrain Airport is startlingly similar to an American airport, more so then Heathrow (at least the people are easier to understand), there is a McDonalds, Starbucka and Chilis right in my terminal which is honestly a little depressing. 

London was cool, Ive been there four times and have done most of the tourist things but somehow never hit the Tate Modern. I can check it off the list now, cool space. A couple nice Picassos and Lichtensteins. I took some pics, ill post when I get to a computer. Overall it reminded me quite a bit of the MOMA, which I guess isnt super suprising. 

Nepal in just a few hours!!! Itll have been a 40 hour trip when I finally get there.  I’m so pumped to finally be getting close. More updates to come.


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