Trek wrap up

I’m in Lukla waiting to fly back to Kathmandu.  Here you have to check in the day before you fly, and theres not a lot to do in Lukla so I thought I’d work on a post.

Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar was amazing, definitely the highlight of the trip so far.   I’d read reports about EBC not being that beautiful but I thought it was stunning. I’ve read so many Everest books it was cool seeing the sights, the camp and the ridges and the start through the Khumu Ice flow.  Getting to EBC was relatively easy, climbing KP on the other hand was quite hard for me.  Technically its easy, just a hike really, but its 18,500ft and I was feeling it. I got lightheaded for the first time during the trip and it was so cold then when I tried taking pics without my gloves my fingers instantly froze up and barely moved.  We spent about 30min at the top and then I reluctantly said I wanted to head back, I felt pretty  terrible but it was totally worth it. The pics I took don’t even come close to doing it justice (neither really, do the pro photos taken from there). I felt much, much better when I got back to Gorak Shep. From there we cruised downhill the rest of the day and got all the way back to Tengboche which is supposed to be at least a 3 day walk when your going up.  I was amazed at how good I felt at 13,000ft. Anyways, I think I’ll switch back to bullet points to highlight the rest of the trek a little more succinctly.

  • If the weather is good tomorrow I’ll see my first automobile in over two weeks
  • I still haven’t had a burger but fried yak is pretty good
  • I also ate some fresh caught fish that was cut into quarters and fried whole up in oil. Like eating giant anchovies sans the saltiness. It wasnt bad but I didn’t eat the heads, Danzing did though
  • I kind of like saying “um, I’ll withdraw 10,000 please” USA should switch to Nepali Rupees, makes me feel like a bigshot
  • Rest days are awesome
  • I never thought I would be able to say that a rowdy bunch of Buddhist monks kept me awake. But now I can.
  • Danzing, my guide speaks pretty good english and has taught me some limited Nepali but we still have communication gaps and some funny movements with pronunciation.
  • He pronounces warm like home, the first time he did this we walked into a warm lodge and he said “it’s home!”  I looked around and said “yeah, very homey”. The next day were walking on a ridge and he takes his jacket off “it’s home!” This time I was very confused.
  • He pronounces both sun and Sean like shun. I don’t know how he pronounces shun
  • Garlic soup really does seem to help with mild altitude sickness
  • One night in Dingboche I convinced myself that I had meningitis and in the morning would be heading even further from any hospital that could cure me. Hey, my neck was sore.
  • “I’m not a hypochondriac, I just think I am”
  • At 15,000ft that seemed very witty to me
  • I played frisbee with a plastic coffee tin lid in a courtyard with a mountain background and hackysack using rubber bands with a group of kids in a dusty town square
  • I’ve met, trekked and have conversations with people from over 15 countries. The Scandanavian countries, Japan and France seem to be especially well represented
  • This isn’t even close to the longest my beard has been but it is the longest my neck beard has gotten
  • I’ve met a bunch of Everest summiters

That’s all I can think of so far.  Yesterday I bought a plane ticket to New Dehli India for April 5th so if all goes according to plan I’ll explore Kathmandu for two days and then check out India for a while.  Let me know if you’ve been there and have any tips.


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2 Responses to Trek wrap up

  1. sammi says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip! I am so envious that you’ll be exploring India next. Love the bullet points, captures the moments very well and very vividly! Look forward to seeing more beautiful photos and hearing more stories of your trip! Safe travels, Sean!

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