Thailand so far

Tonsai and Railay beach are amazing, no other words. One of the more fun, if not most fun places I’ve ever been. One of those places that are so good you almost don’t want to tell other people, but since it’s not exactly a secret place and the few people reading this are friends anyway I’ll tell you about it.

  • Great climbing with grippy limestone, cool overhangs, gorgeous views and super sketchy pro (that last one isn’t a good thing).

  • Most things here are so cheap, my bungelow is the equivelent of $15 a night, which means luxury on Tonsai (Railay would be 5X as much and I don’t like it nearly as much).  A plate of Pad Thai with shrimp is $2, a chicken leg is $1.50. a one hour thai massage is about $7 and really nice. I got everything I’m wearing below (except the harness), hat, shirt, shorts and flip-flops for about $15.

  • There are kittens, monkeys and lizards everywhere. It’s adorable.








I’ve wanted to update more, but unlike Nepal where I had a ton of down time when I got to lodges or had a rest day, I’ve had no down time here. There’s always something fun going on. Songkram was awesome, so’s the beach. More updates to come.

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