Still on Tonsai

So I’ve climbed hard the last two days and yesterday I felt like a real climber for the first time since getting to Thailand. Led a 7a (around 5.11d) with no falls and quite a few rests on the rope (but I’m still counting it).  As a result I’m taking a rest day, walked over to the splendor and annoyances of West Railay to use day internet and the ATM (Tonsai only turns on the generators from 6pm to 6am). I had planned on taking off for Koh Tao today to do a SCUBA cert, but now I’m thinking about sticking around to watch this.

The last time I checked in I gave a pretty brief synopsis so I’ll go into a little more depth here.  I left India at 5:30am April 9th, I got to the airport 6pm April 8th, just to make sure I got on that flight.  Indigo airlines from Delhi to Bangkok for $180, not bad.  I didn’t really sleep on the flight, instead listening to a playlist made up only of “I’m an animal” by Neko Case and “Chores” by A.C. on constant repeat and dancing in my seat while freaking out my New Zealand and Japanese seat mates.

I got to BKK and took a train into town where I bought a ticket on the night train to Suret Thani and then had some awesome chicken noodle soup and found a place to get a Thai massage.  Got on the night train 5 hours later and was headed south.  It was pretty cool, my car started out as seats, then they drop curtains and flatten the seats and its a sleeping car.  I curled up in my tube and slept a couple hours while getting up to pee every 15 minutes (I think it was the rocking). Got into Suret Thani, has some phad thai with chicken, got a bus then a van to Krabi and got on a longboat (taxis between the beaches) to Tonsai.  I’ve been here ever since.  Like I said in my last post it’s unbelievable cool here.  The locals are friendly, the tourists are chill, everything’s cheap and the beaches and climbing are amazing.  Climbing and snorkeling in the day, live music, fire twirling (watching, not participating… yet) and slacklining on the beach at night.

For Songkram (Thai New Year) some climbing buddies and I went into AO Nang (a neighboring beach that is much more built up and populous) to celebrate.  Basically this celebration has degenerated into the worlds biggest water fight, my friend took a great pic of me spraying a little kid with a giant watergun but I haven’t gotten it yet.

Here are a couple pics from the last couple days of deep water soloing and elephant riding. Thanks for reading.

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