Waiting for the 7:18

So I survived the Full Moon Party (with a few of the hairs on my right shin burned off, more on that later) and watched the sun come up over the ocean this morning (pic of that later).  In the meantime, I had my headphones on yesterday and “Waiting for the 7:18” by Bloc Party came on through the random function on my iphone.  I hadn’t listened to this song for a long time but there was a period a couple years ago where I listened to it non-stop.  People who know me well know that I sometimes fix on an artist, album or even a single song for quite a while if I like it and can somehow associate it with my life. That was the case with this song.

“If I could do it again
I’d make more mistakes
I’d not be so scared of falling

If I could do it again,
I’d climb more trees
I’d pick and I’d more…

I was working a ton of hours and it was winter/early spring, cold and dreary. I was getting up at 5:15am every morning and I would listen to it and wonder if I was making enough mistakes, if I was climbing enough trees.  I was having fun and had everything together but in the back of my head I was wondering what I was missing, which is human nature I guess.  My point is that this is kind of what this trip is all about for me.  See what I’m missing.   Pick some blackberries.  I listened to this song so much for a little while that my girlfriend at the time gave me a present of blackberry preserves at some point.

I can’t find a good clear version of the song but here is a live video of it

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