Full Moon Party

Today I spent the whole day at Angkor Wat which was pretty amazing and I got some good pics but I don’t want to pull a Pulp Fiction and jump the timeline around and since I never posted about the Full Moon Party Angkor Wat is going to have to wait.

  • The Full Moon Party fairly infamous,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Moon_Party
  • Basically I decided that since I was on the Island next to it (Koh Tao) the day before it happened, I might as well check it out
  • It was certainly interesting, it was pretty much what I expected, but not quite…
  • For one thing, the girls there were way more attractive then I would have guessed. In my past experience, the crazier the party the less attractive the girls are
  • For another, there was actually much less open drug use then I expected
  • Everything else was pretty much spot on, I’ll give the recap with some pics.


Arriving at the party



Fire Jump Rope, very fun, I did pretty well with it but one jump they caught me on the shin and I burned a lot of the hair off. The skin was fine though


This guy is a pretty standard looking party goer. You can’t tell but we climbed a steel tower a little out in the surf.  Nobody cared, they don’t give a damn about stuff like that in Thailand.

Sunrise back on my beach (different than the one the party was on)


Freshly showered, still awake

Other notes:

  • I actually did have fun at this thing, the firespinners were amazing. I ran into a pal from Tonsai. Met some pretty interesting people
  • I’ve pulled some all-nighters lately but they were travel all-nighters. It’s been a long time since I pulled a party all-nighter.
  • The bungalows I was in provided a truck back and I was with two couples who I’d hung out with intermittently during the party.  They were all HURTING and I was wired and annoying them by talking non-stop.  I don’t usually get in this mood but when I do it gets weird.  I was hanging off the back of the truck standing on the bumper and ducked right as a tree branch came whizzing along.  I then sat down and tried talking to them again. No responses, so I go into my own head, the next thing I know I say “why did old hobos wear tophats?” Four sets of eyes turned to me but no one said anything so I said “umm, you know, in cartoons”.  Four sets of eyes slowly looked back at their feet.  It was a good night.
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