Bouldering in Fontainebleau

Font is a legendary place for Boulderers. It’s one of the first, largest, most beautiful, well-developed areas in the world with some of the hardest problems ever put up. On any given day there with be a couple pros there trying to put down or put up problems.

The plan since I decided to travel has always been to split the trip into three legs, an Asia leg, an Africa leg and a Central/South America leg, with a couple weeks back in the States in between each leg to decompress and get myself together.  I knew this would be more expensive I just think that overall I’ll enjoy the trip more. I have the extremely nice option of flying stand-by on American Airlines direct flights (thanks Mike!), which means in order to get back to the USA from Asia I had to make it to a large European city.  I decided that if I flew from Bangkok to Paris I could hit Font for a few days and then stand-by back to Denver (by way of DFW).  Parisian cafes, brilliant museums and some of the best boulders in the world made it an easy decision.

I really don’t know how after climbing in Tonsai/Railay and Font I’m going to go back to normal climbing at the local crag.  These places are ridiculous.  I guess it’ll help that my Mom lives in Colorado now and that’s where I’m currently crashing till I finish traveling.

I flew into Paris and except for a short stop in Paris to eat a Pain Au Chocolate and print some directions (I miss GPS but not enough to pay for it in my rental car) I headed straight to a campsite a friend had told me about in Font.  Right upon arriving I met the Rohde brothers from New Zealand. Ben is a slightly stronger climber then I am but in the same position of coming off a long layoff and Eric is just getting into climbing so we were a great fit.  The next day we met Kees, a Dutch climber who is really good and the best dyno’er that I’ve ever seen, and we had a quartet.  We climbed together the next 3 days and we all put down some ok stuff but Kees got two 7C+’s, a 7C and an 8A, kid was on fire.

If you want to see some pics check here, but I thought I’d do it a little different for this post and make a video. Check it out.

I wish I took more footage.  Kees actually put down that 20ft 7C with the crux near the top, but he needed all spotters on hand so no video.

Overall it was an awesome short trip to font. Paris post coming soon.

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