Back in the States!!!

So I’m back in the USA! For about three weeks! (two now).  I realized a couple days ago that in the previous 15 days I had been on three different continents for 5 days each.  5 in Asia, 5 in Eurpope, and 5 in the USA. That’s a lot of traveling and it’s nice to just chill out for a bit. I’ve been doing a lot of lying on the couch watching 30 Rock, Futurama and Mad Men on netflix and a little bit of running, climbing and yoga.

The day before I left on the Asia leg I shaved my face and I had short hair. Aside from trimming my mustache while diving in Koh Tao because water was getting in my mask I didn’t touch my beard or my hair until getting back in the States. Yesterday I decided it was time.

Before and After

I know some people will be disappointed in this decision but it just felt like the thing to do.

In two weeks I plan on heading to Morocco with my friend Frank from NYC!  In transit I’m planning on stopping in Barcelona and visiting my friend Carlos/checking out the city since I’ve never been there. Then I’m going to meet Frank in Madrid (I have been there but very briefly) and it’s Africa we go! I’ve never been to the continent of Africa and I’m excited. I realize it’s not the ideal time of the year to be headed to the Sahara but what are you going to do? At least they’ll be less tourists (aside from us of course, I make no claims that I’m not a tourist, I just try not to be an annoying one).

When I started this blog I figured I’d give it a try and if I didn’t like it I’d quit. I have enjoyed it though, and a couple friends/acquaintances have thanked me for putting it up so I think I’ll keep it going.  I’ve actually gotten over 2000 hits since starting it, of which probably half are from my Mom (hi Mom).  Speaking of my Mom, the other day she told me “Hey you’re blog is wrong” I thought, “this should be good”.  She then pointed out that I wrote comprehensivelymeaningless with the tagline “yeah yeah yeah” and that in the song by the Magnetic Fields he doesn’t say “yeah yeah yeah” he says “yes yes yes”. Mind blown. How did my Mom catch that fact? My whole worlds upside down.

In the time before I leave and have new travel to report I plan on going back and writing some of the stuff that I started on the Asia leg but never got on a computer, along with some updated pics and a few videos.  Additionally, I plan on writing about some fitness/health related items (the only thing I’m actually qualified to be speaking about) and probably some random music, book, pop culture filler that I find interesting but not many other people will (like yesterdays post).

I’m going to finish this with a list of five reasons it’s nice to be back in the States and at my families house.

  1. Hot/Cold water water you can drink right from the tap – This is not something you do in Asia unless you like spending more time in the bathroom and my whole trip I probably only had about 5 really nice, hot showers.
  2. I have a broad selection of clean clothes to wear- I spent the last two months wearing basically the same couple items of clothing. Usually dirty and smelly.
  3. Driving my Jeep-  I didn’t miss driving and traffic but I did miss driving my Jeep in the sunshine with the top down and the stereo blasting.
  4. Playing with my cats- Being cats I don’t think Smokey and Stan missed me but it’s still nice to see them.
  5. The supermarket- A dizzying array of anything you could possibly want to eat. I just wish I could buy if for the same price I could in Asia.
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