Getting to Morocco

So it’s been a while since my last update. I’m currently lying in bed at the Afrique Hotel in Marrekech, but there have been a lot of adventures that have taken course to bring me here, so I’m going to start at the beginning and play catch up. I’ve been getting good wifi on this trip, which is nice but gives me no incentive to get into a cybercafe and upload pics from my camera. As a result I’ll be posting most pics later.

I left Denver on Thurday the 13th and flew to NYC where I met my friend Frank at the Broadway EMS to get some last second supplies. Frank is coming with me on the Morocco leg and just moved from BK to Manhatten so I crashed with him in his new digs in the east village. I like NYC, of all the cities I’ve never lived in, it’s probably the one I’ve visited the most. Walking down Bleeker Street I had the same-titled Simon and Garfunkel song running through my head. “I saw a shadow, touch a shadows hand. On Bleeeeekkeeerr Street.” that’s one of things I like about NYC, there always seems to be a cultural trigger point. Something you saw in a movie or heard in a song, that gives the moment poignance. We woke up early the next morning and made our way to JFK where it was standby time. Standing-by is always nerve wracking but luckily the flight was open and we made it on with no troubles. Frank I worked hard on the cheapest way to get to Africa, after getting to LHR we went:

  • Underground to London Luton where we spent the night
  • Luton to Malaga Spain on Monarch Airlines
  • Bus from Malaga Spain to Tarifa Spain
  • Ferry from Tarifa Spain to Tangier Morocco
  • AFRICA! First time setting foot on African soil (though I once made it to the canary Islands).

Although I met up and traveled with really cool people everywhere I went in Asia, essentially I was going solo. Traveling with a friend is a little different. Luckily Frank and I have known each other for years and get along well. We play scrabble a lot, I used to beat him but now he beats me. Neither one of us knows any Arabic but Frank speaks good Spanish, I speak some terrible French, and we both speak passable English. Together we’re getting along pretty well. Frank also has the uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere he is ( I’m thinking of starting a photo series) and I have the odd ability to go a couple days without sleep, so that also meshes well.

Finally I’ll leave you with a picture of me in the medina at Fez. Like I said earlier, the pics and good stuff will come soon.


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3 Responses to Getting to Morocco

  1. Sarah Garvey says:

    I actually did do a photo series of my friend who, like yours, has an uncanny ability to sleep ANYWHERE. I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels.
    Ps- what is BKK?

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