I had big plans to do a blog post for every city we went to in Morocco. Because this trip has been so packed with fun stuff that I’ve barely had time to sleep I’m instead going to cram all of the Morocco leg into one post.


I may get laughed at but i have to say that I think I actually liked Tangier the best out of the three cities we stayed in. Meknes was nice as well but we were only there for an afternoon. The main reason I liked Tangier? The views.  The city is built on a hill with the Casbah overlooking the ocean and the straight, it’s beautiful.  I thought the food was good and it may not have had as much “old-world charm” as Fez, but not as many people bothered us as well (though some guy did try to pickpocket Frank).

Fez was cool but very dirty and we got the hard sell on EVERYTHING, it reminded me of the bazaars in Dehli. Here’s Frank talking to a sheep

The coolest part of Fez was a late night concert in the Medina that we went to featuring traditional music and a couple thousand people watching.

Marrakech was kind of like a mix of Tangier and Fez, a combo of old and new. The street performers were pretty cool, especially the snake charmers but they demanded ridiculous amounts of money for watching and got very upset when you gave them less.

Volubilis and the Sahara

Volubilis is the ruins of an ancient Roman city and the Sahara is the biggest, hottest desert on earth.  These two areas really made the trip for me.  I’ve been out in the desert in the USA a little bit but had never experienced anything like the Sahara.  We rode camels straight out from the oasis town of Merzouga until reaching a desert camp with tents. Frank and I climbed the largest dune we could see to watch the sun go down and once it did the stars were fantastic.  The first part of the night I just lied on carpets placed on the sand and stared at the night sky. We had to head back early in the morning to catch our bus to Marrakech and saw the sunrise from the backs of our camels.

Volubilis was interesting too. Maybe not quite as crazy a ruins as Angkor Wat but hey, what is? There were some really amazing mosiacs and a family of storks that made the top of a column their home.

I had planned on spending a lot more time in Africa but the flights between countries are seriously expensive and I felt that money would go further on other parts of my trip before I call it. Plus, while I’m very happy I visited Morocco I didn’t feel the need to spend any more time there, I was about ready to go.  The next time I go to Africa I want to visit Kenya, Tanzania or South Africa and go on a photo safari. Overall another great leg of the trip, and right now I’m in Barcelona hanging out with Carlos, a friend from back in college. Barcelona is a crazy, fun, town.  More on that next time.

Click here to see the rest of the pictures from the trip

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