DC is my city and it was nice to be back in it.  I came back to visit friends and celebrate the 4th.  It worked out amazingly well that Chelsey, the girl who took my room over was out of town so I went back to sleeping in my old bed, in my old room. It was almost like I never left.  Traveling around I meet a lot of people and quite a few, when I tell them I’m from DC kind of wrinkle their nose and say something about it being really trafficky or touristy.  I feel bad for those people, if I was taking them around on their first trip to the city they would have an outstanding time. I guarantee it. I guess like most cities, it just pays to know it well. Let’s switch to bullet points after this fantastic Magnetic Fields song

Highlights of being back in DC

  • Hanging out with old friends on Hst and Bannaker Pool
  • Watching Matthew make the Olympic team at a sportsbar with a bunch of former runners. Most of whom have known him since he was about 10
  • Sportrock
  • Watching the fireworks. DC does one of the best shows I’ve seen anywhere
  • Hitting a few (but not as many as I wanted) of my favorite restaurants
  • Running/biking on the mall and downtown late at night when it’s basically deserted
  • Getting to see some people I missed
  • Bikeshare – Great program

Some DC pics

I didn’t take my camera around so these are all phone shots and with the exception of the capital building as we were headed over to the fireworks, there are none of the normal touristy sites.  I didn’t actually get a single good pic of the fireworks but they’re pretty easy to find. Sorry to a bunch of people that I would have liked to meet up with if I had a little more time.

“I don’t have to tell ya, you know about me huh? Come to DC and I can make you a believer”

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