Eight random thoughts about Cali

#1. The Bay area has consistently the best burritos I’ve had anywhere.

#2. Already have gotten to see five of my friends that I hadn’t seen in at least two years. Everybody moves to Cali.

#3. Surfing is way harder then I remember it being. I’m hoping it was the conditions.

#4. Even after all the places I’ve seen this year Yosemite still leaves me in awe.

#5. If you want to get compliments from homeless people and hipster baristas in SF wear this shirt. Thanks Andy.


#6. I just had a close call with a rattlesnake. Walked within a foot of him before I saw/heard the rattle. I scooped up Peeta (my adopted dog this trip) and ran away. This is second scary rattler encounter, the first being in Santa Barbara in 2009.

#7. This was my first time spending time in the Tahoe area. It’s very nice, especially Lovers Leap, Emerald Bay, Eagle Lake and the Harrahs casino where I won $100 in 25min playing craps and then immediately left.

#8. I’ve climbed three easy but classic and really tall multipitches so far this trip and “worked” on Midnight Lightening, a hard V8 that’s one of the worlds most famous bouldering problems.


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