Adios Nicaragua

I take off for Honduras tomorrow. Heading up to the Bay Islands, which are supposed to be a great diving spot. Before I leave I thought I’d do a quick recap with photos on the three weeks I’ve been in this vibrant country. I didn’t bring my camera many places this time around so all shots are with my phone.

San Juan del Sur


As the pic shows, SJDS is right on the beach and has great sunsets. It’s also a total surf town, I would say half the people there (including locals) are surfing. It was the first place I’ve ever dropped down the face of waves rather then just standing up in the whitewater as they crash. Certain days also had by far the biggest waves I’ve seen surfing, about 10ft or so.
I also took a Spanish language class that met 3hrs a day for a week. Ayudo un poco. I was pretty much starting from scratch so you can’t expect too much. Some friends and I hired a boat one of the days and luckily saw a humpback whale breaching and a sea turtle swimming. The food there was tasty, but unless you want to eat at the more upscale places it’s hard to find healthy food. I’ve eaten a lot of dinners that look like this.

One of the last things I did in SJDS is head to Playa La Flor, which is one of the few beaches in the world Olive Ridely sea turtles lay their eggs. You go at night and have to wait for a new moon since they won’t come into the beach if there’s any light. We were lucky as it was extremely dark the night we went and right off the bat we saw two walk right by us and start digging their holes. It’s a crazy process, they drop like 30 eggs in that hole and the guides there (some of which have machine guns to stop people from eating the eggs) shine a light right on the whole thing, it felt a little invasive. Apparently numbers are way up though since they started conservation efforts. I have a couple good pics but that was the one place I brought my camera so I can’t post them yet. I also saw the largest toad I’ve ever seen in my life. About the size of both my fists together.
When I finally took off I headed to Ometepe which many people had built up as being very fun and extremely beautiful.


The entire island is made up of two volcanos, I had planned to hike at least one but ended up taking off before I did. I liked It there ok, I just wasn’t feeling like staying. It was hard to get around and not that many people where there. I also thought the lake itself was not that pretty with its brown water. I did finally get to stay in a treehouse, which was pretty sweet.

There were some nice pools which fed from the volcanos. They were unfortunately not hot but they were quite pretty.


My last couple days in Nicaragua were spent in Grenada, supposedly the oldest colonial city in Central America. The architecture is interesting, though that periods doesn’t do that much for me. Sept 15th they celebrate their Independence Day with lots of drums and parades.

The highlight of Grenada for me was splurging a little and getting a massage and just sitting by the spas infinity pool for the rest of the day.


Overall I liked Nicaragua quite a bit, hopefully Honduras is fun as well. After reading the Dept of State travel advisory for it I’m starting to think about my last post again. I’ll stay on the tourist road and get right up to the Bay Islands, then it’s on to Guatemala.

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  1. Hungry Drifter says:

    Great photos! Dream of heading there someday.

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