Guat´s Up?

Like usual I´m one country behind on blog posts. I´m currently in Lima, tomorrowI fly to Brazil for what will most likely be the last country of my entire 2012 trip (except for the USA of course).  Machu Picchu was amazing and I´ll get to it soon but for now here´s Guatemala going back to the list format.

1. Antigua is the nicest city in Central America. By nicest I don’t necessarily mean most fun or coolest, but the cleanliness, security, amount of great restaurants, and number of things to see and do make it extremely “nice”.

2. The natural pools at Semuc Champay around the middle of the country, were very fun and definitely a highlight. They also had this cool cave in which you went in using only candles and at one point had to swim in water over your head keeping the candle above water.

3. Tikal was very impressive. Huge pyramids. Wild Coatamundis and Woodpeckers.

4. Guys just walk around everywhere with shotguns here. Sometimes they were security outfits, most of the time they don´t

5. Mom has been wanting to come join me for a stop on my travels and I liked Antigua so much I told her to meet me there and I would go back from the far north of Guat, rather then enter into and fly out of Belize.

 (this is my Mom)

6. It was moms first time in a 3rd world country outside if an all-inclusive resort and she flew down all by herself. We vistited a lot of churches and museums, drank a lot of coffee and even hiked a nearby volcano (and roasted marshmellows on a thermal vent). Go Mom.

7. I liked Gaut, good food, very cheap, and friendly people who seem to love parades.

To see more pics from Guatemala check out my FB album 


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