San Francisco

It’s been a big gap since my last post.  What have I been doing?  Oh, I just decided to move to San Francisco.  I’ve been working hard finding an apartment, getting my car set up, and starting work.  I’ve decided to give independent personal training a try and I’m currently working out of three amazing clubs here in the city.  Diakadi in SoMa, Alex Fitness in the Castro and Mission Cliffs in the Mission.  If you know anybody looking for training send them my way. My new website is and my training email is I’m also teaching circuit training at Mission Cliffs and TRX at Alex.

I’ve made giant moves many times now in my life, moving all the way across country 5 times already, and it’s always hard, you miss your life, you miss your people, you miss your pets, you miss lots of things, but I’ve never ended up regretting it (well, maybe once).  Change is scary but it’s also a great motivator and exciting. I have a bunch of friends here in SF so that’s made things easier, I’d like to thank Andy and Zaia especially for letting me stay with them the first week while I looked for places.  My new apartment is right in the Mission near Dolores Park, it’s an amazing neighborhood, I love it.  You need an organic supermarket within two blocks of your apt? Got it.  A small batch chocolate shop? Yep.  A cheese only shop, a hipster barbershop, a bowling alley/bar, not one but two fixie bike stores, Dave Eggers writing shop, one of the biggest hippy hangout in town, 4 coffee shops and about 30 taquerias all within a few blocks? We got that.  Best of all, all three clubs I’m working out of are within a mile of my place.  Of course my room is the size of a broom closet and I pay way more then I did for my mansion sized bowling alley room in DC, but hey what are you going to do?

Thanks for checking in,


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