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New Ninja Warrior Video

Here’s the new American Ninja Warrior audition video for the upcoming season.  It’s a little goofy as they tell me wackiness sells, and in my defense I made it in less then a week.  Skip the first minute if you … Continue reading

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Checking In

It’s been a long time since I’ve checked in via blog form so here we go.  Training in SF is going great! I’ve moved to almost exclusively training out of Diakadi as I like the layout, setup and people there … Continue reading

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I was speaking with a client on Saturday when he asked me a question I get fairly often “Do you ever eat bad stuff?” “Well,” I said, “Last night I went with a friend to Off the Grid Fort Mason … Continue reading

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San Francisco

It’s been a big gap since my last post.  What have I been doing?  Oh, I just decided to move to San Francisco.  I’ve been working hard finding an apartment, getting my car set up, and starting work.  I’ve decided … Continue reading

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My 50 favorite pics from 2012 world trip

This gallery contains 50 photos.

I decided to go through the 1000 plus pictures I took on my trip this year and try to pick my favorite 50 of them. Here’s the result.

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Rio de Janerio

In the course of my trip I’ve been to 16 countries. About half the time I visited a country I explored much of it and about half the time I just picked one city or region to investigate.  Brazil unfortunately … Continue reading

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There are reasons things become standards, and in a lot of ways, Peru is THE standard backpackers destination. So many of my friends (and a few enemies) have been to Machu Picchu and gotten in the iconic picture that I … Continue reading

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